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STEM vs. STEAM?  TAM vs. TAAM?  

ABC4All Enlists Local Youth to Grapple with the Ebola Pandemic


"Even if a drug is shown to be safe, it takes longer to prove it is effective - time that is simply not available when cases of Ebola infection are doubling every few weeks and projected by the World Health Organisation to reach 20 000 by November.

"Among questions that scientists are grappling with: should an unproven vaccine be given to everybody, or just a few? Should it be offered to healthcare workers first? The young before the old? Should it be used first in Liberia where Ebola is spreading fastest, or Guinea where it is closer to being under control?

"Should people be told to assume it will protect them from Ebola? Or should they take all the protective measures they would if they hadn't been vaccinated? And if so, how will anyone know whether the vaccine works?"

--from Scientists grapple with Ebola vaccine ethics  2014-09-29 06:05



While the world struggles to find a way to deal with Ebola -- and any pre-existing pandemic already in the world -- ABC4All has united with Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum (TAM) and Celebrity Helicopters in Compton, California USA to undertake a global campaign in Memory of David Jalloh, an ABC4All School Teacher in Sierra Leone whose life has been claimed by Ebola.  The response to the tragic news of this untimely death has led to the creation of: 

ABC4All / David Jalloh Memorial FUNdraising TEAM 

with the cooperation of Co-Founder Eddie Boston-Mammah 

Local ABC4All - ABC4All Schools, Sierra Leone 

Included on the TEAM are: 

Chief Executive Connector (CEC), Burton Danet, Ph.D., Retired Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, Founder, The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC), The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All), Inc. and ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project offering Advanced technologies for water: A New WWW: Well Water For The World

Robin Petgrave, CEO, Celebrity Helicopters, Inc., 961 West Alondra Blvd. Compton, CA 90220, (877) 999-2099 tel (877) 999-2099 fax, robin@celebheli.com A major portion of the proceeds from our sightseeing tours are directly donated to Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum, teaching kids how to fly and realize their dreams. For more information, www.celebheli.com and www.tamuseum.org

Burton Danet states, "The Ebola crisis is just one example of Mandated Action for What The World Needs Now.  In this instance, our approach is as follows: 

"The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC) and ABC4All Partner Missions Radio announce the ABC4All / Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum Memorial Perpetual Global Humanitarian Relief FUNdraising Edutainment and Concert Series to address the global Ebola crisis. 
"Telemedicine and Ebola Education will be implemented with ABC4All Mentors acting as Medical Liaison utilizing LCE Black Box Technology as a means for Rapid Response Identification, Treatment and Control of the Ebola Virus. 
"Initial Gala Event to launch a two-day Telethon."  
Please visit ABC4All's CNN iReport: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1172356
In this instance, knowledge backed by the latest scientific research permitting a focus on "Achieving Health Heights" and "Improving Health Maintenance (IHM)" regardless of diagnosis will be applied to the Ebola and other pandemics.  Immediate action being undertaken is complemented by a request for expansion of the global support already achieved for "The World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)" in many areas across the world:
"ABC4All has been exposed to technologies that can, with appropriate support from every corner of the globe, lead to improvement in basic needs, including better water, ways to improve health maintenance and better agricultural practices. These advanced technologies are shared, in part, at ABC4All World Solutions"
--from ABC4All TALK: "Making the Impossible Possible" and ABC4All CNN iReport, "Providing Sustainable WorldSolutions™"