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Double Your Donation!

Remember your donation, whatever it is, will go towards one or more of the life-saving filtas/straws bringing potable water to 1.1 billion people in need and which will be matched/doubled by The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC) so that when one Filta/Straw is made available, a second will match it FREE.  This is the Legacy of ABC4All being implemented!

Donate US$1.00 or more securely via PayPal

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  click on "send money." use this email address: 

1in1billion (at) gmail (dot) com!


NOTE1:  100% of funds donated are used for GHR.  Expenses are handled by independent sources of funding.


NOTE2:  50% of your donation goes back immediately to the nonprofit / NGO of which you are a member or another -- which you will designate (tell us!).  100% of the 50% sent to your chosen group will be sent, thereby creating a partnership (co-venture) between FABC and your group.  This partnership will lead to benefiting from the advanced technologies being implemented by ABC4All.

NOTE3:  50% of your donation goes to GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN RELIEF (GHR) for water, food and shelter for the 1.8 billion people without basics in living across the world. 




Thanks for donations in any amount.  Your donation declares that you are among the 1 in 1 Billion who support ABC4All in caring for those who lack basics - water, food and shelter.

Donations are transferred into ABC4All's volunteer accounting service Escrow Account!  Fund distribution will be verifiable.

Thank you for your donation.  Every $1.00 contribution counts! (Of course, any larger donation is welcome!)




RT ABC4All bringing potable H2O where it is needed anywhere in the world. LIFE-SAVING/MATCHING DONATIONS - SAVING LIVES http://sl.abc4all.net

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